Since 2006, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (YNCU) has been involved in supporting universal student nutrition programs in Brantford and Brant.  For them, it’s all part of being a good neighbour!   YNCU knows that how they invest and operate directly affects their members and the communities where they do business.

Pictured above (L to R): Glenn Gaudet, Board Member, Business Sector; Daniella Hunte, YNCU Branch Manager, Fairview Dr, and Gisèle Budgell, Program Director, Brant Food For Thought

At the 20th Anniversary Volunteer and Donor Recognition Event in April 2018,  Brant Food For Thought presented Your Neighbourhood Credit Union with a plaque recognizing 13 years of giving to support universal student nutrition programs.  For Branch Manager, Daniella Hunte, the reasons for support are clear.

“YNCU has continually supported Brant Food For Thought (BFFT) because they are an amazing organization that cares about the development and well-being of the Brantford community and our next generation.  YNCU and BFFT share the same community focused core values which includes giving back to our community whenever possible.  Brant Food For Thought feeds our children’s bellies while fueling parents, volunteers and partners hearts.”

Over the years, YNCU has generously sponsored the annual Breakfast For Champions event, in addition to collecting donations through their “Casual Friday Days” at the office.  Assistant Manager Larissa Cross was tasked with choosing a charity to support for this month’s casual days.  And she chose Brant Food For Thought.

Pictured above (L to R): Larissa Cross, Assistant Manager, Jennifer Lavigne, Donna Smith, Daniella Hunte, Branch Manager, Gisèle Budgell, Program Director Brant Food For Thought, and DJ Jackson, Assistant Manager.

“I chose Brant Food for Thought because it is a fantastic program that supports healthy nutrition for children in the Brantford area.  My stepson Hunter attends Holy Cross School and benefits from this program,  He is also an advocate for healthy choices!”

Program Director Gisèle Budgell was on hand to receive the cheque.  “It’s great to know that universal student nutrition programs are making a difference.  Students like Hunter, not only benefit from the nutritious snacks at school, but they are able to take that knowledge of nutrition that is being role-modeled before them in a program and transfer that knowledge to others and advocate for healthy choices at home.  To me, that’s exciting!”

YNCU is proud to support their local communities and they are truly invested in building the best possible future for all their current and potential members. And Brant Food For Thought is proud to continue partnering with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union in supporting universal student nutrition programs in local schools.