Brant Food For Thought Program Director, Gisèle Budgell, humbly accepts a donation of $210 from Cameron McMahon, a grade 2 student at Greenbrier Public School.  Cameron recently celebrated his 7th birthday with friends.  When his parents asked what he’d like for his birthday, Cameron wasn’t interested in receiving presents.  “I’d like to have a party though and spend time with my friends because that’s important”.

Instead of gifts, Cameron opted for donations to Brant Food For Thought.  When asked why, he said “that’s the program that gives other people food and I know that some people don’t get to eat.”

Brant Food For Thought is grateful for a young boy like Cameron with a big heart, who wanted to ensure that children who might not get to eat have access to nutritious snacks like he does.  Thank you to all of Cameron’s friends who gave so generously and have made a difference for children in our community.