Ready, set, go!!  And they’re off – participants in the second annual Brant Food For Thought “Great Grain Race” are up for the challenge.  During February, participating school-based student nutrition programs will ‘race’ to collect as many Ministry approved whole grain products as they can for their program!  Prizes will be awarded to the top three schools.  What a fun way to raise awareness of the Student Nutrition Program in a school community, while boosting the program with in-kind donations of healthy cereals, like whole grain Shreddies, Multi-Grain Cheerios or Life Multigrain.  Other Ministry approved grain products include Original Triscuits, Multigrain Gold Fish and Nature Valley Lunch Box Very Berry.  Want to get involved in helping a school nutrition program in your neighbourhood?  Contact Judy Maidment at for all the details and help a school in your community win the race!  See Cereal Drive Flyer for details!