During the month of March, dietitians across Canada are celebrating Nutrition Month.  And this year’s theme is More Than Food.  Healthy eating is so much more than about food—it’s not only what we eat that matters, but how we eat that is important too.

Who doesn’t love food!  It has the potential to enhance lives and improve health, yet it’s important to consider not only the nutrients but the impact of how we eat.  The 2020 Nutrition Month campaign recognizes that healthy eating habits are part of the New Canada’s Food Guide, such as:

  • Being mindful of eating habits
  • Cooking more often
  • Enjoying your food
  • Eating meals with others



For Brant Food For Thought, making sure that children and youth in our community have access to the most nutritious foods is a priority.  UnlockFood.ca, a website from Dietitians of Canada, offers some great recipes, tips and ideas to get kids more involved, like planning and preparing meals, cooking with kids at home more often and trying new healthy snack recipes, like Frozen Yogurt Bark from the Nutrition Month 2020 e-Recipes Book.

Get inspired this March–involve your kids in meal planning and cooking, more often, and help them develop healthy eating habits now and for the future of their health.