Resources – Granting Guidelines

Standards and best practices governing the operation of student nutrition programs, financial accountability and the allocation of food funding.

Resources Description Content
Policy 11.2 – Granting Guidelines and Application Process Policy describes the Eligibility Criteria and the process for applying for a Food Funding Grant from Brant Food For Thought. (requires Microsoft Word) Download
Policy 11.7 – Food Funding and Accountability Policy outlining the parameters of Food Funding Grants and the responsibilities of the Grantees. (requires Microsoft Excel) Download
Accounting Templates Form to track revenues and expenditures – For Community-based programs and all SNP with an annual grant of $1,000 or less. (requires Microsoft Word) Download
Grant Application Form
(For New Programs Only)
Please ensure you have read Policy 11.2 and understand the Eligibility Criteria
before applying for a grant. (requires Microsoft Word)