Since 2010, Giant Tiger has contributed generously to supporting universal student nutrition programs in Brantford and Brant.  And this year is no exception.  Brant Food For Thought would like to thank Giant Tiger for donating $5,000 in gift cards during the month of August 2015 to help children and youth in our school communities have equitable access to nutritious foods to enhance their learning capacity throughout the upcoming school year.

Proudly Canadian

Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Giant Tiger believes in giving back to the communities in which their stores are located.  Their website proudly declares, “Community involvement is more than what we do at Giant Tiger, it is who we are.  Giant Tiger helps bring communities together through various charitable endeavours.”

“We loved learning more about your organization and how it serves your community”, said Sara Chesiuk, Manager of Public Relations & Community Activation of the Giant Tiger head office.  “We are pleased to contribute these gift cards to your universal student nutrition programs and look forward to developing a strong partnership with your organization.”

The Giant Tiger business model is about making sure that store owners are invested in the communities where they live, work and play.  It’s not just about the dollars at the retail level; it’s about serving and supporting the customers that support them.  It’s about “sharing community concerns and serving community needs.”

Giant Tiger_Aug 2015 Brantford store owners Rick and Tammy Fitzgerald have embodied that philosophy of    supporting    their local community since 2008.  And their Community Involvement Wall in the  store certainly        attests to that.  “My wife and I sat down the other day to calculate the  amount we have given back    to local charities and causes since opening the store.  And we  were astounded,” said Rick Fitzgerald  in a recent interview.  “We can’t forget our  customers–  they’re the ones who are so    generous too”,  adds Tammy.  “The round-up  campaigns where  customers ’round up’ their  purchases at the  checkout to the nearest dollar  really adds up.”

Giant Tiger shares the values of their customers and is dedicated to giving back to the  neighbourhoods that support their stores.  The Giant Tiger Charitable Giving Foundation  focuses  on grass root types of support and recognizes that their best investments happen in  communities  where their stores are located and where their dollars can have a direct tangible  impact.


Universal student nutrition programs do just that.  Supported by Brant Food For Thought since 1998, these volunteer-led grass root programs operate in 56 school communities and youth-focused organizations in Brantford and Brant to help children and youth learn to their full potential in school.  They provide grants to schools to purchase healthy food choices for their breakfast or snack programs, foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, cheese, yogurt and whole grain products.

“Everybody wins in this partnership,” says Gisèle Budgell, Program Coordinator of Brant Food For Thought.  “Giant Tiger fulfills their corporate philosophy, local students benefit daily from nutritious, high quality snacks and meals, and store owners, Rick and Tammy Fitzgerald, benefit by our program coordinators purchasing in their store.”

One such coordinator is Christine Blythe, Child Development Worker, who organizes and runs a 3-day a week breakfast program for 65 children in a housing complex.  “We do our best with the funding we receive annually to support our program”, says Blythe.  “I know we couldn’t afford to give the children milk every day until we received the Giant Tiger gift cards through Brant Food For Thought.  The kids get a carton of milk and a banana once a week, every week.  I just call up Giant Tiger and let them know what I need–the staff there are all so great to deal with, and the kids love it!”

Thank you Giant Tiger for making a difference in the lives of children and youth of Brantford and Brant by helping to alleviate in-school hunger and by contributing to the long term health outcomes of those who are the future–our kids!