Pictured above (back row L to R): Shelley McIntyre, Regional Director, FirstOntario Credit Union; Sherron Birkett, Board President, Brant Food For Thought; Judy Maidment, Volunteer Development Coordinator, Brant Food For Thought; Michèle Oriente, Secretary at Ecole Ste. Marguerite-Bourgeoys, and Gisèle Budgell, Program Director, Brant Food For Thought. (2 front rows) Students at Ecole Ste. Marguerite-Bourgeoys

Since 2014, FirstOntario Credit Union and Blue Wave employees have supported over 10,000 children and youth weekly to participate in Universal Student Nutrition Programs within Brantford and Brant elementary and secondary schools.

To date, FirstOntario Credit Union has contributed over $127,000 to support the purchase of nutritious foods for students before and during the school day, with a small portion dedicated to volunteer engagement, recognition and training activities

Food funding received through FirstOntario Credit Union has allowed Brant Food For Thought to scale up operations of the Student Nutrition Initiatives and has been used exclusively to support the purchase of whole fresh fruits and vegetables and Ontario grown apples.


Brant Food For Thought strongly believes that the Student Nutrition Initiatives–School Fresh Produce Box, White Milk Program and Fresh Apples Program—contributes to the local economy and provides children and youth in our school communities with consistent access to the most nutritious foods possible.  Good nutrition is a strong determinant of healthy child development, supports a child’s positive mental health, and contributes to their ability to focus and learn at school to their full potential.

For the current school year, Brant Food For Thought will be supporting 52 universal student nutrition programs, with over 11,000 children and youth benefitting from more than 1.36 million healthy snacks and meals in Brantford and Brant schools.

Thank you FirstOntario Credit Union for your continued support of universal student nutrition programs in Brantford and Brant.  Together, we are connecting local resources, the local economy and feeding student success, now and for the future.