Community–the word embodies the corporate philosophy of Ayr Farmers Mutual and the reason they exist today.  They do what they can to give back to surrounding communities with their time, energy, and finances. They believe in building strong and tight-knit places where communities can lean on each other when times are tough.

And right now, as we all know, times are tough for many individuals, families and community organizations like Brant Food For Thought..

Mutual Insurance Companies across Ontario were given additional financial support to make worthwhile contributions to the communities they serve.  This allowed Ayr Farmers Mutual to create their #CommunityWellness Donation Project.  

A total of $50,000 was allocated to 10 different organizations that are providing vital services to our communities during the pandemic, with each organization receiving $5,000, including Brant Food For Thought.

Ayr Farmers Mutual is aware of the fact that community organizations in our area exist to offer mental health support, food, shelter, and resources for those in need.  They recognize that even these organizations are facing challenging times and have been forced to adapt to an unforeseen climate full of unknowns.

And yet, full of possibilities.

Thank you Ayr Farmers Mutual for supporting universal student nutrition programs this school year.  We know that good nutrition contributes to a child’s ability to learn, whether they are learning in the school setting or virtually from home.  Your donation is helping us provide whole fruits and vegetables, high quality dairy products and whole grain options for students at school and to families with children through our community partnerships.