Pictured above (L to R): Gisèle Budgell, Program Director, Brant Food For Thought; Adam Walker, Principal at Prince Charles School; Judy Maidment and (front) Nancy Waldschmidt, Community Development Coordinators, Brant Food For Thought; Brantford Bulldogs players Owen Protz and David Egorov, and Bruiser, the Bulldogs Mascot.

Prince Charles School was a buzz of excitement as special guests were on hand from CHCH News, Brantford Mayor Kevin Davis, school board officials and Bulldogs Foundation Executive Director, Peggy Chapman. A special appearance from Bulldogs mascot, Bruiser, and players, Owen Protz, Bulldogs defenceman and goaltender David Egorov, as they greeted the students, posed for pictures and signed autographs. Protz spoke to CHCH and said that “it’s amazing to have a program like this for the kids. You know how parents always say that breakfast is the most important meal of day and for the kids to have this before a really good day at school is amazing.”  Egorov shared with CHCH his personal recollection and what it was like for him in his younger years. “I remember as a kid growing up and how much the breakfast program helped me, how that it’s tough sometimes to eat breakfast in the morning. It’s great for the kids to have a program like this to help them.”

Teacher Jamie Hood (far R) oversees the nutrition program at Prince Charles School. With the help of his colleagues and the school health nurse, they shop and chop to prepare a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and other wholesome foods for the 2-day a week breakfast program and 3-day a week snack program. Although the school runs a nutritious snack program during the day, principal Adam Walker shared with CHCH that “starting the day with a healthy breakfast in their belly really improves their mood all day long.” 

Brant Food For Thought is so grateful for this new community partnership with the Bulldogs Foundation and their support of universal student nutrition programs. Together, we are helping students be food secure during the school day, contributing to their long term healthy development and helping to maximize their learning success at school and beyond.