Brant Food For Thought is proud to announce the launch of their new web site. Brant Food For Thought facilitates Student Nutrition Programs in elementary and secondary schools in Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand. Their new web site will offer greater engagement with the public, clients and volunteers through a front page news feed and a subscription service that pushes Brant Food For Thought news to subscribers on a regular basis.

Gisèle Budgell, Program Coordinator of Brant Food For Thought says that the web site will help the organization to improve communications to its partners as well as the volunteer network that delivers essential Brant Food For Thought programs.

“The new web site allows us to communicate directly with our volunteer team, community partners and sponsors. It also helps us to promote our program and successes to the public through our news feed and subscription mechanism.”

Budgell believes the new site will also make it easier to take advantage of social media.

“We have integrated social media into the new site to encourage others to share our message and help promote our work. We rely on the support of the community and social media provides a free and effective communications network to reach parents, teachers, sponsors and the extensive network of volunteers that make our programs possible.”

Created by marketing agency Digital Duck Inc. of Brantford, the modern web site provides Brant Food For Thought with the ability to manage their own web site postings, press releases and news.

Roger Duck of Digital Duck Inc. calls the new site an important upgrade that should assist Brant Food For Thought in fulfilling their objectives and interacting with their community partners and team members.

“We’re proud of the new web site. It delivers on the simplicity that was requested while propelling Brant Food For Thought ahead with state-of-the art technology that provides them with an effective public communications hub.”

Digital Duck Inc. also produced a video for the unique area organization that showcases Brant Food For Thought’s essential programs and quickly demonstrates the value and benefit they deliver.

“Take a few minutes to watch the video and you’ll quickly understand the incredible work being done by Brant Food For Thought. This is an important organization delivering nutrition and benefit to our students and the video shows the overwhelming positive impact of this effective and efficient not-for-profit.”

Brant Food For Thought has been tremendously successful at delivering on it’s mandate and core values and the new site should help to extend the groups reach and vision:

“We envision healthy and vibrant school populations supported by thriving community partnerships.”