Pictured above (L to R): Dr. Joanne Tober, Executive Director, Brant County Health Unit; Christina Rajsic, Manager of Health Promotion; Cheryl Antoski, Councillor, Ward 4; Gisèle Budgell, Program Director, Brant Food For Thought; Deb MacLeod, 1st Vice-President, Brant Food For Thought Board of Directors.

Brant Food For Thought received a $10,000 grant from the City of Brantford to help purchase of large refrigerators and other safe food handling equipment in support of our newest nutrition initiatives launched in October of 2016: the White Milk Program and the School Fresh Produce Box Program.

st-patrick-sfpb-snack_april-1One of our core values is to ensure that children and youth have equitable access to the most nutritious foods possible.  Brant Food For Thought believes that providing fresh white milk and whole fruits and vegetables will ensure the greatest nutritional benefit possible to children and youth while in school.

Safe food procurement, proper food handling and adequate refrigerated storage are key priorities for these newest initiatives.  Participating schools can be assured of reliable refrigerated space to safely store large orders of white milk and fresh produce until it is ready to be prepared, served and consumed by the students.

The Brant County Health Unit, one of our community partners, has been very supportive throughout the process of piloting and launching the programs.  “Evaluation of this project shows that the School Fresh Produce Box represents an innovative approach to delivering increased access and availability of fresh produce within student nutrition programs, “says Renée Charbonneau-Smith, Manager of Chronic Disease Prevention at the health unit.  The health unit will continue to provide nutrition expertise and evaluation support as needed to expand the program.

Thank you to the City of Brantford for helping us contribute to a child’s ability to learn by continuing to support universal student nutrition programs with funding for food and equipment.