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Resources – Fundraising

Resources and ideas to help support your school fundraising activities in order to ensure the sustainability of your student nutrition program.

Resources Description Content
Healthy School Fundraising Ideas A link to fundraising ideas Link
Healthy School Fundraising Ideas A document with fundraising ideas Download
Loyalty Card Fundraiser A unique fundraising idea for your school (requires Microsoft Word) Download
Crunch Day for United Way In November, as part of the Brant Food For Thought Agency Campaign, schools can participate in a “Crunch Day” with all proceeds to support the Brant United Way. Participating programs will benefit by receiving a “nutrition program grant” equal to the amount raised. Download flyer
Holiday Gift Wrap – December Earn nutrition program dollars for your Student Nutrition Program by volunteering at Brant Food For Thought’s gift wrapping booth at the Lynden Park Mall (requires Microsoft Word) Download